Savvy Sage Online 2 Coming September 17th

Savvy Sage Online 2 Coming September 17th

Newsletter subscribers (and fans on Facebook, or followers of me, or Richard, on Twitter) have already seen it, but wanted to share a quick post here. There’s a pre-order now live for Richard Sprout’s second book, the sequel to Savvy Sage Online.

You can read about the book here on our website, or if you want to signup for a sneak peak this weekend, get on our mailing list here.

Buy the pre-order of Savvy Sage Online 2 on Amazon here, and you’ll get it for $3.99 during the promotional period. After launch day, September 17th, we’ll be listing the book at full price, $4.99.

Excerpt from the blurb:

Nate joined a fantasy game for what was supposed to be a one week beta test. He made friends. Survived enemies. Learned secrets.

Now, he’s got another six and a half months left before his time is up and to survive, he’ll need to continue growing his skills, learning magic, and deepening the relationships he has with Alice, Jenny and the key players in the city of Freedom. For while an army of barbarians lies to the north, trouble is brewing close to home.

When the fallout from foiling the plots of Encantantes, the sorcerers guild, unfolds, Gawain summons the group to the city. There, the team must prove their loyalty and in doing so, exposes a plot to destroy the kingdom.

If Nate can survive the dangers in the city, and elsewhere, build a relationship with the ruling city of Freedom, and establish the village of Nexus, it’s not just monetary rewards that await. Alice, and Jenny, are growing closer with each other and Jenny seems like she’s interested. Sequel to Savvy Sage Online, this second book in the series is over 124,000 words in length, a bit more than the previous title.

Order this binge-worthy tale today! Already did? Join our free newsletter for a sneak preview soon.

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