Q4 Book News from our Team

Q4 Book News from our Team

Now that Savvy Sage Online #2 is out (thank you SO MUCH for the awesome reviews), Richard’s taking a break from that series to start another one. This title is modern, tropey, and just plain fun. The book is a shorter read, with a target of around sixty thousand words. However, with a modern setting, it’s already got way more action, adventure & magic in the first act than most of our books. I’m excited because the tempo and excitement just turned up to eleven in this one.

Harry Thunder is hard at work on the sequel to Encounters. We paid for a professional review, however, due to their atrocious customer service, we’re not going to list it here or elsewhere (they require attribution). What was gratifying about the review was it confirmed for us something we suspected – the book needed that major rework in July. Without it, the story was more gray, a bit dull, and most important, a bummer of an adventure.

What’s next in New Lands Online then?

Book two, Characters, is coming out in December (updated). The title is over fifteen percent finished, with more on the way at a regular clip. What excites me about this second book with Jack Holmes, snowboarding druid, is the new cast of characters. With a team, it’s possible to do things that, as an individual, you can never accomplish. Even in a fantasy world, you can’t pull yourself up by your bootstraps right?

Anything else we should know?

Yes! The Gamelit anthology is moving forward, with Harry participating, sharing a story between book one and two in New Lands Online. That makes ~15% “done,” but we need participating authors to join the roster.

Update we now have a total of *five* confirmed authors but still need a few more. We’re providing cover art, promotion, marketing, editing, and paying for your work. As a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, we’re going to use their standard paperwork for the anthology, etc. Read more about the project here, and if it sounds like fun, please join our group! We’d love to have you.

Last thing, we promise – love the photo in the header? Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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September 19, 2020

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September 19, 2020