Encounters Book 1 New Lands Online A LitRPG Series


Drive to the snow resort. Teach snowboarding. Rinse and repeat.

Jack was enjoying life, though broke, as a snowboarding instructor in Lake Tahoe until an accident happened. Due to a hospital mix up, his life takes a novel turn and he ends up inside ALFA, as its first ever digital human.

He never signed up to be the main character in an ultra realistic virtual reality game, where bodily functions are as real as can be, and has to learn new skills to survive.

Will Jack level up inside ALFA, or will the game world get the best of him for the 978th time? Find out in book one: Encounters and experience the epic adventure!


A new LitRPG series about a young man whose life is drawn into a video game, completely. After waking in the game world of ALFA, he learns that his consciousness was uploaded into the game from his broken body. Jack takes on the challenges of his new life in a game he’s never played before while those who put him there have their own agenda. From snowboarding instructor to druid, his life may have been upended, but his adventures are just beginning.

New Lands Online is A LitRPG / Gamelit series with action, adventure, friendship, monsters, character sheets, druids, magic spells, mana, enchanted items, fantasy tropes, humor, poop jokes and more. For fans of The Land, The Good Guys, The Bad Guys, The Other Guys, The Wise Guys, Noobtown, Irrelevant Jack and similar amazing stories.