Farmer – Book 1 Light Online Series

Book One in a LitRPG series by Tom Larcombe. This series blends elements of gamelit with a few novel twists. It’s a unique take in a popular genre of fantasy fiction that follows the virtual reality adventures of Eddie, a guy who was down on his luck and saw an opportunity to make money playing video games. Cover art created by JG Publishing, contact us if you are the author or agent and would like to update the image to the real cover.


When Eddie answered a job listing to play video games, a misunderstanding locks him into digital servitude on a virtual farm. Eddie’s disappointment when he discovers that farming was literally agricultural farming is overshadowed by bigger problems for him, as the game company shuts down the operation while Eddie and others were still logged in, trapping them in the game world. With only hope that the Dev’s can fix the problem to let Eddie and the others out, he explores the game further and makes new discoveries which lead him down a path towards a decision to stay in the game he had been trapped in.