Deus Mage: A Gamelit Urban Fantasy


Deus Mage Cover
Deus Mage Cover

Absorb magic powers. Forge new relationships. Defend yourself from the faction.

A first person Gamelit Urban Fantasy, Deus Mage is the story of Conor Martin, a slacker college student who barely skates by on poor grades and a party first attitude. Everything changes when a mysterious group of strangers kidnap him. His rescuer, Emily, assists him to survive the onslaught of the faction, a rogue group of magical users hell bent on stopping the Chosen One.

Only, according to Emily’s bosses at the Agency, the secretive group that controls the magical society in the United States, Conor isn’t the one spoken of in prophecy. She’s left to help him survive with only her wits, and his growing magical abilities when they meet Betty.

Together, these three develop a special magical bond which allows them to share power, and grow stronger. Will their explosive mana manipulation be enough to save them from the seemingly never-ending series of baddies?



Excerpt from the book:

I hustled across the grassy park, wasting no time people watching, despite the sizable crowd out and about. There was a multitude enjoying the warm, sunny weather at the University of Oregon, Eugene campus after the fires let up. There were only a few weeks left before the rains started in earnest, and people were out to enjoy the warmth while it lasted. If I didn’t have to practice for the intramural soccer tournament, I’d have hung out on the massive lawn too.

After the completion of summer term, I finished academic probation. My grades were nothing to write home about, but at least they were good enough to continue in university. True, the school had kicked my friends out because they disqualified by flunking too many classes. Even without them in the same university, they were now in the local community college, Lane, and we now hung out after classes were over. They hadn’t changed residences, because the two campuses were close together.

“Hey fucker,” a high pitch voice interrupted. I glanced over and saw a big white dude, shaved head, knuckle tattoos, dressed in a lacrosse uniform. Before I could register who it was, his fist lashed out at my face.

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