CivCEO Book 1 – The Accidental Champion Series


It’s hard to drum up sympathy for a billionaire that’s forced into retirement, but, the book does a good job of enabling the reader to have sympathy for Charles as he faces an uncertain future. Instead of living out the dream of Americans everywhere and moving to Florida, Charles warps into a game world. Only problem is, he’s not athletic, he’s not a warlord and certainly not ready to go battle it out for control of towns, land and resources. The portal that warps him into a new life resets his age, and Charles sets out to develop the kind of empire he built in his previous life on Earth. The Traders have a monopoly on things and he crosses paths with them. Will he be able to grow his business, or will the Traders shut him down?


The Accidental Champion series by Andrew Karevik is listed as being co-written by LitRPG Freaks. The story follows a multi-national CEO who’s forced into retirement. Lucky for Charles, fate has other plans and he ends up in a game world where Champions are summoned from Earth to build and grow towns in a massive continent where the Traders group has a virtual monopoly over all the resources.