Gamelit Anthology “Lessons Learned” Winter 2020

Gamelit Anthology “Lessons Learned” Winter 2020

Like writing? Want to get paid for a short story in our forthcoming anthology? Rate is market rate for between 5,000 to 15,000 words. We’re looking for 5-10 authors, on top of the two who already signed up. Read on for details.

On top of the novels we’re working on, we’re creating a Gamelit Anthology of short stories, tentatively titled, “Lessons Learned,” with an estimated publication date of Winter, 2020. Richard Sprout, author of Savvy Sage Online, and Harry Thunder, author of Encounters, are both contributing a story to this anthology.

What’s the anthology all about?

The story would center around the theme of learning – education, knowledge transfer, you get the idea. Each story should feature a character that learns, grows or “has a moment.”

Author benefits from participating:

  • $100 payment for the rights to your story for publication globally (for one year, rate negotiable depending on story length & other factors, will pay market rate for all stories we publish).
  • Promotion via social media, this website, Amazon & elsewhere (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, other platforms TBD).
  • JG Publishing to manage project, contract with professional designer, do review & suggest any additional spelling, grammar, related fixes to ensure the highest quality publication on Amazon Kindle.
  • Inclusion in the ebook catalog here on our growing website.

What authors would need to give to us:

  • A new never before published 5-15K word short story.
  • Rights to use your name on cover, in promotions / ads etc.
  • Some mutual indemnity just in case that covered United States, specifically California, where JG Publishing LLC is registered and physically located – standard paperwork, will use the boilerplate from the Independent Book Publishers Association (external link).

Are you as excited about us about this project? Want to participate? Write us an email – support at jgpublishingllc dot com. Please include subject “anthology” and a link where we can see your existing writing.

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